About Us

 Thank you for your interest in the Slaven-Farms herd.

 We are a small family owned farm in North East TN. We make 8 generations that we know of that has used the land we currently own as Slaven Family farm land. We have raised livestock and grown crops all 8 generations, but we began our love for dairy goats in the late 90's. We did not begin raising Registered dairy goats until 2004, and did not become a member of the American dairy goat association until 2007.

 Our first registered dairy goats we owned came from the Mann's family farm and included several Missouri dairy goat bloodlines; from there we have built our herd with the hopes and intentions of opening a dairy. In 2009 we owned 73 adult dairy goats all of which were registered, 4 bucks, and 19 yearlings and kids. In October of 2009 we suffered the loss of our home which caused a set back in our herd, as we had to sell many of our beloved animals. Luckily God had placed some great breeders in our lives by that time that helped us get started back in somewhat.

 Now we are into the year 2013 and own 22 animals at the current time, still holding onto our dream of becoming a dairy. We test annually for CAE, CL, TB, and Johnes diseases. All testing records are available per request to serious inquiries.

Our Bloodlines Include or have Included

Mann's LBH, Ozark Highlands, Ladder-Creek, Forrest Pride, Myer's, Lamb's, Shamrock, Shady Lawn, By-Grace, Liberty Ridge, Jerita's, Okey Dokey, Velvet Acres, Caprine-De-wyo, South Fork, Altrece, Lady Bug, Hibb's Herd, J-Haven, Wylde Rose, The Flying J, Windstar, Dale-Haven, Heatherwood, Mint*leaf, One*Oak*Hill, Kastdemur, Aspen Hills, Redwood Acres, Willow Run, Becca's, Rainbows End, Lucky Star, Short Hill, Meadow Creek, Alcemene, Autumn Acres, and more through A.I. Coming