In The Tank:

Because I have been asked so much about the potential of bloodline that could be used to cover my does, I have included a list of the currently owned bucks that we have in the tank, that we would consider using over certain does. These bucks ARE NOT for sale.

Del Rio Flying Dutchman

Del Rio Budd's Bro

Barranca Rab's Rebel- Canister 4

Autumn Acres Jrupit

Shady Lawn Choice Barbaro- Canister 6

By-Grace Gamble's Gold- Canister 5

Little Orchard T Successor- Canister 4

Decker's Miss Sam Biemmet

SGCH Ever Lovin' T's Red Rock

One*Oak*Hill Tweed Kazam

One*Oak*Hill Luxor Jansen- Canister 1

Becca's Too hot to Handle

Clovertop's Morado- piggy backed with SA- Canister 1

Kastdemur's Jumrunner-piggy backed with Jab- Canister 6

Kastdemur's Stayin Alive- piggy backed with M- Canister 1

Rockspring Dude Dande Diplomat- Canister 6

One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jabberwocky- Canister 6

Little-Bic's Y Yogi-Yahn- Canister 4

Shining Light Tweed Jradical- Canister 4

Little Rainbow FR Revolution- Canister 4

Little Rainbow French Baret- Canister 5

Jersey Bull: NOT goat- Canister 6

Semen Available

From time to time we clean out our inventory of semen that no longer works with our bloodlines or we choose not to use any longer. If you are interested in purchasing please note: we ship through Fedex or UPS. You must send or rent your own shipper. When selling semen I like to sell in groups of what I have left available.


CH Wind in the Wood Wapiti- AB651601 10 straws- $50 for the cane

Highwater Manasseh - AB696253- 5 straws- $25 for the group

Alpenglow Swiss Rejuvenator - AB701607 15 straws- $75 for the Lot

Alpenglow Swiss Foxies Chance- AB710301- 10 straws- $50 for cane- 1st Canister


GCH View Ridge Rhett Butler - A524606 10 straws- $100 for the Cane

Little Rise S.S. Lucan- A512062- 5 straws- $50 for the lot

Elm Dale Lanoka Sir Lawrence- A564714- 10 straws- $100 for the cane

Thank you for your interest! If you are looking for something special, we may be able to reccommend another breeder for you at this time, just fill in the form. We do NOT share email information. If you are looking for semen please go to the bottom of the page.

Nothing available right now

Be sure and check back often!